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The office was in a great location that was easy to get to and super clean and convenient. The women at the front desk were super polite and friendly. I rarely waited to go back and Dr. Lamb came in shortly after. She was professional, charming, and helped me develop a skincare plan that I felt confident about. I'm so excited to have a dermatologist (finally) and especially one so awesome!

Verified Patient 1


Dr. Lamb acted very professionally and had all information about my prior diagnosis by another dermatologist. Her exam was thorough.

Verified Patient 2


Dr. Lamb was very pleasant, professional, and knowledgeable. She gave me options and her opinions in a comprehensive manner that I was able to easily understand. She was very kind and cognizant of my time, I recommend her highly.

Verified Patient 3


What a lovely office experience. Dr. Lamb put me totally at ease in my skin cancer screening (first one). The appointment was quick and efficient but
not rushed. I will definitely continue to see Dr. Lamb for any dermatology-related concerns.

Verified Patient 4


It was important for me to have a doctor that would understand my needs and concerns. Dr. Lamb was not only attentive and knowledgeable, but she addresses all of my concerns and made me feel like I was her sister. Thank you, loyalty is my middle name.

Verified Patient 5


The office is clean and well organized, office staff and polite get they are great with answering questions and getting things processed quickly. Dr. Angela Lamb and her assistant were absolutely wonderful, I can't recommend them enough. They walked me through the skin screening process, explained things thoroughly and addressed all my concerns. I had one mole removed in office and they were both so great at keeping me distracted that I barely felt anything at all. The post-op procedure was described in detail and I'm confident that any future communication with Dr. Lamb and her office will be pleasant!

Verified Patient 6


Dr. Lamb is very friendly and kind. She's also efficient and addresses any issues with confidence.

Verified Patient 7


I pledge to  Listen to your concerns, Educate you on your skin condition, Advise you on
different treatment options and be Accessible to answer your questions.